As a family-owned and operated business since 2008, we go above and beyond to ensure our clients a personalized experience that will leave you captivated and eager to discover the endless possibilities of our exceptional products and services.


We partner with top-brands to get you the right equipment for the project.


From individual rentals to full-service productions, we do it all.


We equip you and your team with the knowledge to make the best decision for your next event or business venture.


Starting out as a band ourselves, we know the importance of quality sound that’s why we design and implement systems using Meyer Sound, Shure, DPA, and other top brands to meet the unique space in which they are deployed.


From live-streaming events to specialized LED Wall installations we have the tools to get your shot on the big screen and out to everyone online.


Lighting is such a crucial component of every event. Allow us to creatively implement fixtures to create a captivating environment in person and online.


What our customers say

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We are thrilled with our LED wall from BNY. Not only was the installation professional and efficient, our new LED wall enhances our worship environment more than we ever imagined it could.

Caleb Weidman

Dan Desrosiers

Executive Pastor Connection Church

What an awesome experience having BNY install our LED wall with us. Their knowledge and professionalism is over the top. Great product. Great company!

Caleb Weidman

Shane Maze

Worship Arts Director at Victory Highway Baptist Church

What an awesome experience having BNY install our LED wall with us. Their knowledge and professionalism is over the top. Great product. Great company!

Caleb Weidman

Aaron Kraniak

Production Coordinator at V1 Church

I have to say, BNY Productions exceeded all expectations. From the very beginning, their team was professional, organized, and efficient in all things. They took care of every detail, big or small, to ensure the show was a complete success. I would highly recommend BNY to anyone looking for a premium top-notch production company that truly cares about delivering an amazing experience.”

Mikkel Aranas

Give Hope Studios

We thoroughly enjoyed working with the BNY staff for our recent Christmas at Morningside production at Morningside University. Their professionalism and artistic design are second to none.

Caleb Weidman

Ryan Person

Director of Choral Activities and Assistant Professor of Music at Morningside University

Working with BNY is a blessing. The team consists of top level professionals with incredible knowledge and skill. They shoot straight and truly have your interest at heart. The best part is that they are great people with great gear and they know how to use it. They saved the day for us when our 20 year old power amps started dying. Working together we came up with a plan to phase in a complete tech upgrade that made it budget friendly, fast response and provided room for further expansion. They are very highly recommended.

Caleb Weidman

Tim Collins

Director of Technical Arts at Connection Church

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